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Global BGITM Corporation and its subsidiaries is a network of companies meeting the engineering, safety and security needs of clients in the U.S. government and commercial arena. 

The Global companies are focused into five business lines performing:

1. Project Services          2. Performance Assurance  (TechNet LLC)
1. Integrated Solutions    2. Technology & Materials  (Global Solutions LLC)
          1. Representation & Consulting                        (Global BGITM Corporation)

Every BGITM operation is focused on three factors: Long-term, Quality Growth, & Relationships.


                                                    Office Locations

                                                    201 Edgewater Drive
                                                    Edgewater, MD 21037

On-Site Locations in Oak Ridge, TN, Savannah River, SC, Grand Junction, CO.

West Region                               Central Region                        East Region
336 Main Street                            701 Scarboro Road                    178 Aldo Drive
Suite 204                                     Suite 103A                                Suite 100
Grand Junction, CO 81501            Oak Ridge, TN 37830                  Barnwell, SC 29812      

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