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BGITM at Work

BGITM GlobalWhile designing and executing the security and credentialing for the 2008 Bilderberg Summit* in Chantilly, VA, we drew on our past experience from Presidential Advance Teams, to post 9/11 Threat Assessment & Detection, to Site Physical Security Profiling and Design. The top eight economic nations of the world were able to conduct a 3‐day summit without interruption or intrusion. Our team pre‐screened all participants (delegations, media, event staff, and surrounding area personnel) to isolate potential threats, devised a plan to control or mitigate those threats, assemble the appropriate talent to carry out the plan, then implemented the plan exactly. All delegations participated freely without restriction. There were three “off plan” incidents that occurred (a protest, a driver without credentials, and a participant illness) that were addressed without impacting the Summit (the delegations were not even aware).


BGITMB&W runs the Y-12 plant for the Department of Energy (DOE). They use over 1,000,000 lbs of protective clothing per year. Y-12 has been facing increased pressure to subcontract more of their work to small businesses. Further, their internal business objectives drive B&W to retain services “in house” because they can earn fee on those contract funds. Lastly, Y-12 is bombarded with small businesses who sell disposable garments using any number of “confusing” descriptions to make their products appear to be a “cost savings” to Y-12, while helping them meet DOE Small Business goals.

In this environment, the Y-12 Contracts Manager saw a shift to disposable garments as a method to achieve B&W’s small business goals, and possibly save money (because Y-12 did not understand the true economics and environmental impacts of disposable garments vs. laundry).

On the heels of the Global-UniTech team privatizing the neighboring DOE Oak Ridge National Laboratory laundry in 2009, the Y-12 Contracts Manager agreed to hear how this team could deliver for Y-12. The Y-12 Contracts Manager entertained a joint presentation by Global Solutions and UniTech describing how Y-12 could receive the same quality laundry service they currently receive with the addition of superb Quality and Project Management while contracting through an SDVO small business.
After understanding the true economics and environmental impacts of the decision, and appreciating the creativity of Global Solutions, the contract was “set aside” for small business and the Global-UniTech team won the award.

The creativity of Global Solutions reflected an understanding of the customer’s requirements and a determination to not only win the business, but also make the customer appreciate the better value that they will receive. B&W Y-12 is very happy, and Global's partner UniTech has secured a 5-year contract in a market that is expected to grow.